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History Alive Project

David and Ruth Amundson at the History Alive Project house at 218 N Main St, Westby, WI

This past April during our visit to Livsreise Renée and I had the pleasure of meeting David and Ruth Amundson of the History Alive Project. Through their project, David and Ruth work with both the local community and schools of Westby, WI to, “…create out of the box projects to discover and maintain the Westby area’s history for community members of all ages”. They even teach the students about the Sloopers, Cleng Peerson, and the importance of this first organized immigration to America. The Amundson’s project sounded fascinating and this couple’s passion for their project is truly captivating and so Renée and I put a visit to Westby on our to-do list for this summer.

Through the years David and Ruth have acquired many interesting artifacts and pictures in an attempt to demonstrate and preserve the fascinating history of Westby and it’s residents. Eventually this collection outgrew their home and so the Amundson’s purchased a beautiful and historic home located on 218 North Main Street in Westby in order to house their collection and serve as the headquarters for the History Alive Project.

Renée and I presented David and Ruth with a copy of, “The Uprooting” by Vigleik Rosseland. We thought The Uprooting story would match well with History Alive Project’s mission. If you have time, we would encourage you to visit the History Alive Project, beautiful Westby and the Amundsons.

For more information and to view some great examples of the pictures the Amundson’s have collected visit History Alive Project website and the History Alive Project Facebook page.

The Sloopers Collector’s Edition book is here!

The new The Sloopers: Their Ancestry and Posterity Collector’s Edition of the J. Hart Rosdail classic book was presented at the 89th Annual Sloopers Society meeting on Sunday, October 5, 2014, in Norway, Illinois.  Many of the low-numbered books were sold that day.

Also present were many from the Sons of Norway lodges Cleng Peerson #5-525 (Norway, IL) and Polar Star #5-472 (Aurora, IL).  Welcome!

SlooperMtg2014_ 1SlooperMtg2014_3

The beautiful hardbound book is available for purchase online from the Slooper Society on this website by going to “The Sloopers” Book page.  Price is $78 plus shipping & handling.

The Sloopers Collector’s Edition book soon available

We are pleased to announce that the new re-printed Collector’s Edition of The Sloopers: Their Ancestry and Posterity, by J. Hart Rosdail, will be released for the first time at the annual meeting of the Slooper Society of America on October 5, 2014.

In contrast to previous re-prints, this edition is close to identical to the original, including the hardbound cover.  There is also a dust cover (see picture below) to protect the cover of this Collector’s Edition.

The Sloopers dust_jacket1

There is a limited number of these Collector’s Edition books, as they are individually embossed and numbered by the Slooper Society.  The Slooper members and others in attendance will have the opportunity to purchase the first low-numbered books, before the remaining are released to the public for sale in November.  In addition, these are for sale at a 25% discount, or $58.50, with a coupon presented at the annual meeting or through the Norsk Museum during the month of October.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a discount coupon — there will be extras at the meeting or at the Norsk Museum.  All you have to do is be present.

As more information is made available from the publisher, Ivitek Publishing, we will be posting it on this website.

Re-Publishing The Sloopers book

The Slooper Society no longer has for sale new copies of the book, The Sloopers: Their Ancestry and Posterity (1961), by J. Hart Rosdail.  Ivitek Publishing has agreed to look into having this book digitized, updated, and re-published (both bound book and e-book).  We need original pictures or best copies of the book’s pictures available to the publisher no later than end of February 2014 — if at all possible.  Our goal is to have this new Sloopers book printed and available for sale by the next annual meeting in October 2014.  Contact Bill Injerd of Ivitek Publishing on 586-764-1082 (