2019 Annual Meeting

You are cordially invited to the 94th annual meeting of the Slooper Society of America.  This meeting also extends to include our Sons of Norway friends and anyone with an interest in Norwegian-American history and culture.

Please mark your calendar for Sunday, October 6th, 2019, and plan to join us at the Norway Community Building, Norway, IL, just west of Route 71.  Doors will open at noon and dinner will be served at 1:00 pm.

Our feature presentation will be presented by Laurann Gilbertson. Laurann is the Chief Curator at Vesterheim and her presentation is entitled, “The Power of Silver: Traditional Norwegian Jewelry”. For centuries, Norwegians have treasured the beauty of silver. Silver showed the prosperity of a family, and, according to folk belief, could protect against underworld creatures and other malevolent forces. Brooches were much more than simple shirt fasteners. Enjoy the rich variety of styles of silver jewelry, including brooches and crowns, and explore the beliefs surrounding this powerful metal. There will be a demonstration of how to safely clean old Norwegian silver and the opportunity to perhaps learn more about a piece that you own (no appraisals will be given).

We will also have the opportunity to hear from Vesterheim President/CEO Chris Johnson. Chris will update us on recent events at Vesterheim and their preparations for the 2025 celebrations. Of course we know the Sloopers are the central figures in this celebration and it will be exciting to hear what is already being planned.

As the 200-year anniversary of the Sloopers arrival approaches, we are hopeful that more current-day Sloopers will gain an interest in their very special heritage. To that end, we would like your help in identifying and reaching out to your Slooper relatives who may not be on our mailing list. If you would please take some time to send us the contact information for these people, we would like to partner with you in connecting these lost Sloopers with their very unique heritage. Please send this contact information to: Renee Mies, Secretary. 583 Oxford Lane, Lindenhurst, IL  60046 or via email at renee@sloopersociety.org

There will be a short business meeting following the program.  The Norsk Museum will be open for those interested.  The Norway Store has many Norwegian items and foods and will be open until 5:00 p.m.

The re-printed book, The Sloopers: Their Ancestry and Posterity, will be offered for sale at a special discounted price this day only for those that attend.

Please join us for an afternoon of great food and fellowship!