The Sloopers Collector’s Edition book soon available

We are pleased to announce that the new re-printed Collector’s Edition of The Sloopers: Their Ancestry and Posterity, by J. Hart Rosdail, will be released for the first time at the annual meeting of the Slooper Society of America on October 5, 2014.

In contrast to previous re-prints, this edition is close to identical to the original, including the hardbound cover.  There is also a dust cover (see picture below) to protect the cover of this Collector’s Edition.

The Sloopers dust_jacket1

There is a limited number of these Collector’s Edition books, as they are individually embossed and numbered by the Slooper Society.  The Slooper members and others in attendance will have the opportunity to purchase the first low-numbered books, before the remaining are released to the public for sale in November.  In addition, these are for sale at a 25% discount, or $58.50, with a coupon presented at the annual meeting or through the Norsk Museum during the month of October.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a discount coupon — there will be extras at the meeting or at the Norsk Museum.  All you have to do is be present.

As more information is made available from the publisher, Ivitek Publishing, we will be posting it on this website.

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