98th Annual Meeting a Huge Success!

I think we should start with dessert!

This year the Sloopers partnered with the Norsk Museum and members of the Cleng Peerson and Polar Star lodges to put on a very special meeting. A wonderful meal was provided by the Norsk Museum which included cod, ham with kumla, lutefisk, meatballs, cabbage, Jarlsburg cheese, specialty breads, breads with lingonberry sauce, kringla, lefse, Norwegian desserts and guma.

Our feature presentation this year was, “The Sloopers of 1825” by Dale Goodman. Dale is a descendant of Tormond Madland and Siri Iversdatter Seldal who sailed aboard Restauration in 1825.

The meeting was very well attended by approximately 85 people which included a very special visit from Art Mortvedt who traveled all the way from northern Alaska to join us in beautiful Norway, IL. But that is really nothing for Art as he has travelled the world including multiple visits to the North and South poles. To learn more about this very interesting Norwegian-American and his airplane, the Polar Pumpkin, check out polarflight90.com .

It was wonderful to see these various organizations come together to celebrate their shared Norwegian heritage. Thank you to everyone for a wonderful day!

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