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A Special Report from Fogn, Norway

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Sunday September 3rd was unveiled a memorial stone on the farm Eide on the island of Fogn to commemorate Marta Jørgensdotter Eide.

Many people came to Eide this day. Also the new Restauration, the replica of the first Restauration came to Eidsvåg dock with many guests on board. All had a nice, interesting celebrating.

Marta was married to Lars Larsson Jeilane. He was the leader of the group who emigrated at the sloop Restauration from Stavanger, Norway July 4th 1825.

After two mounts on board, Marta gave birth to their first baby, a daughter named Margareth Allen. And still the mother with the baby had to be one month more on board till the sloop arrived in New York October 9th.

Martha and Lars Larson built their home in Rochester. They helped many emigrants comming to America the next pioneering years. On the way toward west the emigrants often came with short of money and food. Martha, the head of the housekeeping was helpful, and with love she took good care of them, though it was often difficult to supply all the necessary food.

Here on Fogn, Martha`s birth place, we call her: Mother of the Norwegian emigration to America.

           Greetings from Øystein Sandanger
Address:   Opsal 4164 Fogn


Slooper Society Annual Meeting 2017 Report

The Norwegian Slooper Society of America held their 2017 annual meeting on October 8, 2017, in Norway, IL.  There were 61 in attendance.

2017-10-08 13.59.102017-10-08 14.00.12

Kirk & Renée Mies (Lindenhurst, IL) spoke on “An Enduring Legacy”, a story of their ancestors.  Kirk’s story is that of Daniel and Brita Rossedal (present descendants: Rosdail) making their way from the farm in Norway to boarding the sloop Restauration in Stavanger.  Kirk is a descendent of Daniel and Bertha, and followed in their footsteps going from the Rossedal farm in Trysvær, Norway, to the Hersdal farm, then on to Stavanger to catch the ship to America.  Renée shared her Irish ancestry, which was intriguing as well.  Who knows, we Norwegian-Americans may be related in some way to the Irish via the Vikings!

2017-10-08 14.16.332017-10-08 14.38.47

A special treat were the twenty-three Viking ship table place settings, each handmade from card stock and painted by Phyllis Benson of the Cleng Peerson Sons of Norway lodge #5-525 (Ottawa, IL).  These are 17 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 10 inches tall.  Beautifully done, Phyllis!

2017-10-08 14.03.042017-10-08 14.04.42

New officers were elected:
  PRESIDENT:    Steve Rosdail Southcombe
VICE PRESIDENT:  Kirk Rosdail Mies
SECRETARY:   Renée Rosdail Mies
TREASURER:   Steve Rosdail Southcombe
Congratulations to the new officers of the Slooper Society!

2017-10-08 16.03.40
(left to right)  Renée Mies, Kirk Mies, and Steve Southcombe

And “mange takk” to the outgoing officers, who have served during the many past years:  Pat Goodman Hayes (President), Rev. Wesley Hougsted (VP), and Lou Hougas Wise (Secretary).

2017-10-08 15.30.44
(left to right)  Pat Hayes, Rev. Wesley Hougsted, Lou Wise, and Steve Southcombe (Treasurer).