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Volunteers Set About to Restore Restauration

As you may already know, the replica ship Restauration was rescued this past October by local businessman Cato Østerhus (you can read more about that here). But the ship needed a lot of work after having remained in a state of disrepair for several years. Today I received word from Norway that a group of volunteers has been organized to begin the process of ensuring Restauration will receive much needed repairs in anticipation of her once again sailing the waters of Rogaland and beyond (who knows, maybe a trip to New York in 2025?).

In his email, volunteer Erling Reilstad reports that Restauration is currently located in Aamoy havn, at Vestre Aamoey (Åmøy) just outside Stavanger. The group of volunteers work several days (mostly evenings) each week, with restrictions number of participants due to the Covid-19. The boatbuilder of Restauration will soon start some work on the hull and deck which require special skills. An organisation (“forening” in Norwegian, which is a kind of association with personal membership) has been official registered in January.

The volunteer group has a FaceBook page featuring updates on Restauration. I encourage you to check it out at The group has also begun publishing an email newsletter. I encourage you to subscribe to the newsletter at . The newsletter features many great pictures and updates on the progress of the volunteer work. I will post a few pictures below.

The vessel Restaurtion and its rig inside the tent with voluntary work in any weather
Scraping the old anti-fouling paint